Top Family Cars For Summer 2019

August 1, 2019 / 0 Comments / 84 / Uncategorized
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If you want to enjoy a great summer with all the family, you need to have the right family car to be able to do so. You need space, entertainment, and all the safety features that you can sink your teeth into. This will enable you to drive with absolute confidence, getting where you need to go no matter what. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the top summer family cars for your road trip this summer.

Skoda Octavia Hatchback

Spacious and sensible, the Skoda Octavia is an enjoyable drive. There is a massive trunk with the option for efficiency with the diesel GreenLine, which returns 80mpg.

Volkswagen Golf Hatchback

The hatchback is the car of choice this summer, and when you splash out a little compared to the Octavia, you get a much plusher interior and a driving experience that will give you confidence on the road.

Renault Megane Hatchback

A larger vehicle perfect for a large family, the Renault Megane is excellent for entertainment. iPad-style portrait touchscreen and comfortable seating make for an exciting interior. More about comfort than driving, the Megane is a favourite for families looking for a better interior.

Hyundai i30 Hatchback

One of the highest scorers for safety, the i30 offers lane-keeping assistance and headlights that will automatically dip their light. Comfortable interiors and quiet on the move equal a car that is perfect for a long road trip this summer with the whole family.

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