What is an MOT test?

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What is an MOT?
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MOT test is required to keep your vehicle on the road. A new vehicle needs a test after three years, and they are then required annually.

An MOT checks some key things about your car or motorbike to ensure it’s roadworthy and safe for you to drive.

MOTs are legally required for any car over three years old. The only time you can be on the road without having a valid MOT is if you can prove you’re on the way to have the test carried out or to fix a fault picked up by your MOT.

The MOT test looks at a broad range of things, including your car’s suspension, wheels and tyres, headlights, indicators and brake lights, seatbelts, exhaust, and fuel and engine oil.

The test can pick up on both major and minor faults, so it’s best to check over your vehicle before your test if you want it to park.

The maximum fee for an MOT, set by the DVSA, is £54.85 for a car and £29.65 for a motorbike. You can find a range of prices under these maximum costs, but it’s important to make sure you budget so you can afford your MOT.

You can get an MOT done up to a month before the previous MOT runs out. Approved MOT test centres are the only places that can carry out your MOT, so look for a blue sign with three white triangles. You can choose a garage or a local council test centre, although they don’t usually carry out repairs.

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